Vincent Hocquet | Beautiful Freak Tattoo & Mixed Arts

VINCENT is the founder, owner and big boss of Beautiful Freak, he is specialized in geometric dotwork tattoos and digital artprints and likes to drink tea.

His work was shown on the exposition  'Tattoo-Tattu'  in KMKS (Koninklijk Museum voor Kunst en Geschiedenis) in Brussels, he was main artist for the artfestival ‘Lo-10’ in Lo and he was consultant for different filmprojects like ‘ex-drummer’ by Koen Mortier & ‘Tango Libre’ by Fréderic Fonteyne.

In 2010 he  was the co-organizer for the Haiti- benefit ‘What if your world got rocked’ that concisted of an expo, art auction and musicfestival.

His large digital artwork can be seen at the permanent exhibition ‘Point of view’ at Cinema K-Fé in Koksijde

Then one day in october 2014 he came up with this crazy idea to move our tattooshop to an old museum. The owners of the museum jumped in this crazy idea and agreed to let him be curator of their collection. And now after a year of hard work, we’re here...

If you're interested in buying any of his artworks or want to make an appointment, use our contactform.